Love is in the air.....
13 March 2018
Kelsey+Jeff - Pine Mountain State Resort Park

Love is in the air...... Whether you said, "I Love You" for the first time Yesterday or 50 years ago, documenting your love in photos is always an awesome idea.Whether you're a wild and crazy couple, always making each other laugh, or a more private and quiet couple who enjoys sharing intimate moments - or, maybe you're a little bit of both?  Either way, it's awesome and we'll document it.These sessions are a great opportunity to take a break from the stresses of everyday life.  We'll focus on the connection between you two, rather than on positions and posing (don't worry though - you'll look awesome!).  It's almost like a date; I make THE BEST 3rd wheel, by the ...

Ready For Warmer Temps
10 March 2018
Kelsey+Jeff - Pine Mountain State Resort Park

Who Else is Ready? I am so ready for the warm temperatures to return to Kentucky! I am so sick of bitter cold temps, rain and snow, that I have resorted to editing my daughters late summer gallery just to kick start my mood of sunshine happiness :) Tell me if this don't get you reminiscing of SUNSHINE AND HOT WEATHER!!!!!!   

Sweet Sixteen Sessions are the new craze and I LOVE IT!
11 February 2018
Kelsey+Jeff - Pine Mountain State Resort Park

This may reveal my true age (I have been secretly holding on to "I am 21 and holding" for several years) but I can remember a "few" years back MTV launched a show called "My Super Sweet 16" and this show went crazy, when I say "CRAZY" I am meaning "VIRAL" for this day in time. Everyone one was jumping on the bandwagon, it somehow became a right of passage among 16 year old's. Life just wouldn't have been complete without a SUPER SWEET 16 party....The birthday parties these kids were having would make some wedding receptions these days look like a backyard BBQ's I am not even joking people.  During one episode I remember watching a young ...

HELLO 2018
18 January 2018
Kelsey+Jeff - Pine Mountain State Resort Park

Well hello there! How is 2018 treating you so far? For me 2018 has shown some really good signs of whats to come. I am really excited for this year and all it has to offer.  I have been working non-stop refreshing our website and online presence. We have a few new things that have taken place since January 1st, have you noticed? Don't worry I will tell you! Our pricing model has changed. We are now offering Standard Rates for our portrait collections,with hope of making it easier for our clients. These new pricing models allow the clients more control on their digital images.Let me explain:In 2017, You would choose between 3 collection, in each collection you only were able to ...

Old Whitley Farm House
25 September 2017
Kelsey+Jeff - Pine Mountain State Resort Park

Flipping a house I know could not be an easy task by no means, but as I watched my childhood friend Vanessa and her husband Johnny transform their house into a home on her Instagram account boy oh boy did she makes it look like a piece of cake.....but I know it's because of her raw talent she was blessed to follow her dream and flip what anyone would have thought as a buyer beware into this magnificate house they they happened to make their home. When she contacted me several weeks back and asked me if I would come photograph them I was honored! This typically isn't my style but I knew I wanted to be a part of helping her preserve the memories they have created in their old ...