You will regret it.....I know I have been there!
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05 April 2016
By Jina LaFary
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Think about this..two weeks before “the big day” and you have everything planned to the t. You sit down to go through the last minute to do’s when the phone rings and it’s the family friend you hired to be “your wedding photographer” they tell you something has come up and they will no longer be able to photograph your wedding.PANIC  then hits you like a ton of bricks, you are literally sick.what are you going to do? You don’t have time to get another person or HIRE A PHOTOGRAPHER (gasp)……… nor do you have that extra expense calculated in your wedding budget!

 Oh YES this is exactly what happened to my husband and I when we got married over 15 years ago. We thought we would save if we searched for a “photographer” who wouldn’t be so expensive. We opted to let a friend of the family do them.I never thought to have a plan B but now I wish I would have.


After many years of marriage and 3 beautiful children later we only have a few snap shots of our special day. This was during the era of no cell phones so at that time I was very thankful for an unplugged wedding (now not so much) but only for the fact, if it wasn’t for our guest bringing their camera’s we wouldn’t have anything. The sad thing is we don’t have a BEAUTIFUL portrait of us on our wedding day to be able show our grandchildren and their children (when we reach that time in our lives)!  All we have is a 4x6 of us in the church. 



The reason for my sob story is to let you know ahead of time that I know “YOU WILL REGRET IT” if you don’t hire a professional wedding photographer. Sure is so easy get a friend who owns a really nice camera to photograph your special day. AND in some instances that friend is going give you a few great shots but when you hire a wedding photographer you are not just hiring someone with a really nice camera, you are hiring someone who chose that career path and they love their job. They are a part of the wedding industry and they know that this is your day and it means the world to you. They want to help make it GREAT for you and your family! I can speak for myself when I say “when you hire” Jina LaFary Photography you are not just getting another photographer.You are getting a photographer who knows that this day will never happen again. These portraits will be heirlooms for your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren to reminisce on for years to come ……so I don’t want you to be another me!

Don’t look at Wedding Photography as just another expenses. Look at it as a VERY treasured investment for your future family. I love my little 4x6 of our wedding and I treasure that photograph, it’s the day the rest of my life began..but I honestly would have given anything to have more than just that 4x6 of our special day for our children to have to pass along.IT WOULD HAVE BEEN ONE OF THE BEST INVESTMENT WE COULD HAVE GIVEN OUR BABIES…… 






Let this be YOU!



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