Welcome Baby Gus
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13 September 2018
By Jina LaFary Photography
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Getting the call that it's time for me to make my way to the hospital for a birth session is always so exciting! I don't think anything can ever really prepare you for the journey of becoming a new parent but for me I get to watch as women naturally take their position into their mommy roles. I get to witness men look at this tiny little human they have laid in his hands to be their protectors! I get to see how wives look at their husbands, as if they are falling more in love with them at that very second. I get to see siblings embrace their new roles as THE BIG SISTER/BROTHER (that's one of my favorite parts) I get to see lives instantly changed because of this new creation. The love for a child is so hard to put into words because their is just so much emotion that makes it indescribable but the one thing that comes to my mind is this "FOR THIS CHILD WE HAVE PRAYED" and I am sure this little bundle of joy is most definitely answered prayers!  

Congratulations Paije and Adam on the arrival of your beautiful baby boy Kendrick Augustus! Thank you for allowing JLP to be a part of the beautiful special day. What a honor to share this with y'all and your beautiful family! 


Kendrick Augustus

September 12, 2018 

7 LBS 4.4 OZ 19 3/4 in 


Welcome to the world baby Gus!




Happy Birthday!!!!!

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