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You will regret it.....I know I have been there!
05 April 2016
You will regret it.....I know I have been there!

Think about this…..two weeks before “the big day” and you have everything planned to the t. You sit down to go through the last minute to do’s when the phone rings and it’s the family friend you hired to be “your wedding photographer” they tell you something has come up and they will no longer be able to photograph your wedding….PANIC  then hits you like a ton of bricks, you are literally sick….what are you going to do? You don’t have time to get another person or HIRE A PHOTOGRAPHER (gasp)……… nor do you have that extra expense calculated in your wedding budget! Oh YES this is exactly ...

Diondra + Kody - Engaged
23 March 2016
You will regret it.....I know I have been there!

Diondra + Kody  Pickard Farm | Barbourville Kentucky | Spring Engagement SessionWhat can I say about this couple…..they are just breathtaking together! The forces that drive this love are unmeasurable. It’s almost as though they throw sparks when they smile at each other…..I had a definite Oh My Wow moment from the minute I picked up my camera with these two. The love you see in the photographs is just a taste of what you feel when you are standing near them. I think of the movie “Grease” when John Travolta says “ It’s Electrifying”……it really was!       I first met Diondra last spring when I was ...

Scarlett + Taylor Southeast Kentucky Engagement Session
07 January 2016
You will regret it.....I know I have been there!

Scarlett + TaylorSoutheast Kentucky Engagement Session They met in high school and fell in love and on June 18th they will make a vow to love each other for the rest of their lives. They are so in love, anyone that comes near them can feel it. The way Taylor looks at Scarlett, his eyes are fixated on her beauty and without a shadow of doubt he thanks the man above for allowing their paths to cross. He has sworn to protect her in love and in life. Scarlett has this beautiful soul, the caring nature just beams from her smile and when she looks at Taylor her eyes gleam with complete happiness and purpose. She has a purpose……her purpose is to love this man with every fiber of ...

Joe+ Taylor Southeast Kentucky Engagement Session Barbourville Kentucky
24 November 2015
You will regret it.....I know I have been there!

JOE+TAYLORSoutheast Kentucky | Engagement SessionBarbourville, Kentucky  When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with a person, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.When the love between two people is so strong the photographer can see it, feel it and photograph it…that’s when you know you have something REALLY special….  Taylor +Joe were exactly that. The love they share is almost beyond expressing with words so I am just going to show you. The way he makes her smile is breathtaking Engagement marks the end of a whirlwind romance and beginning of an eternal love story.I cannot wait to photograph your ...

how it all started....a look into my world
29 August 2015
You will regret it.....I know I have been there!

Years ago I prayed to God asking him for a job I would love.My heart was always into capturing photographs but I never considered it a career, it was a hobby but I still remember hearing the still quiet voice that almost felt like a passing thought that said “go for it”.I was 30 years old did I hear that right start a career from nothing but a hobby? I continued to pray about it and I researched small business and sure enough I had enough confidence to make this happen. My father in law told me "if you can’t find the dream job, create one"! so that’s when it happened. I didn’t have the right equipment nor did I have the money for the right equipment but I had ...