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29 January 2016
By Jina LaFary
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Wedding Collection Investment

I cherish the investment clients make in my wedding photography services and I do understand that it’s quite the investment. I assure you that I understand what planning and budgeting for a wedding feels like. There are a litany of expenses and it’s difficult to balance it all. That why we offer interest free payment plans. Here is how it works.

·        35% of your total is due the day you book (this can be split into 2 payments if needed)

·        The remainder can be paid in increments until 4 weeks before your wedding day that is when your complete balance is due.


I get asked all the time “what if my wedding is only in a month or two”? 

Well we have a great option for you as well.

·        We require 50% of your collection total to be paid the day of booking

·        You will have 4 weeks after your wedding to pay the final balance. (keep in mind this option means your collection will not be touched until final payment is received) You will have your collection will be delivered within 4/6 weeks from the day your final payment is received.


You will of course get a few SNEAKS :)

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