Kelsey+Jeff - Pine Mountain State Resort Park
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11 October 2018
By Jina LaFary Photography
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From the first time meeting this beautiful couple, I just knew there was something magical about them. Kelsey+Jeff are just a joy to be around and C'MON just look at these two and how gorgeous they are.When Kelsey and I were talking about locations and she mentioned Chain Rock I knew it would be an great location but I couldn't have imagined what type of magic would occur on that mountain. These two brought it! and all I did was let them fall into each other and capture the love and intimate moments. I am so happy they chose me to witness this because it truly was an amazing thing to capture!


Jeff+Kelsey thank you! I can't wait to see what the future holds for you two! 




Location: Pine Mountain State Resort

Hair+Make-Up: amhbeauties 

Outfits Provided by : Blue Belle Boutique (Romper) and  Modern Vintage Boutique (Dress)

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