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28 June 2016
By Jina LaFary Photography
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Hi Everyone! I’m Jina and I am the Lead Photographer here @ JLP. I am a wifey, mommy, and I love Jesus Christ! I love summer nights, ice tea and a good book! My love for photography started at a very young age. Even though life happened and I put it on the back burner, God knew my destiny would catch back up to me.... and when it did, I grabbed hold and refused to let go! I wasn’t going to let my passion get away again no matter what I had to do….. I was going to make my mark in this industry! I started out doing everything from Newborn photography to 1st birthday parties but found out quickly that didn’t make me as happy as I thought it would. Then I was asked to  shoot my first wedding solo…….whooooo did that ever give me a rush! Many times that day I thought I would literally faint but I survived and man o man did I LOVE it! I truly felt like I found my true passion, but then I was asked to photograph a high school senior and even though it wasn’t an adrenaline rush like a wedding, the session made my heart smile bigger than I ever knew possible. I felt like the Grinch, you know when his heart grew 2 sizes? YEA! that was the way I was feeling plus a big cheesy smile! All because this young girl who battled with self-esteem issues told me during the session I made her feel pretty, and seriously all it took was some stranger with a camera, who made her feel beautiful by simply encouraging her to be herself. I have learned over the years that when you are made to feel beautiful that inner spark is refueled with truth and that truth is, we are all BEAUTIFUL! And just like in the bible, it talks about where there is light, dark cannot remain well I feel like Jesus gave us another way to use that parable. Once beauty is uncovered the ugliness that tried to take root has to flee!


Since I was dealing with two different styles of photography and I wanted to do both I had to asked myself could I apply my love to both genres, Wedding and Portrait Photography? I answered that question with a smile YES! I could! and I would! So that is where it really all came together.  I prayed for God to give me the opportunity to live out my dream of becoming a successful Lifestyle Portrait and Wedding photographer and 4 years after my first wedding and senior session I am pursuing my career full force.

When you hire me for your session, you will see very quickly that I am just me! I have a very upbeat personality and even though when I was younger my mind told me no one wanted to hear what little ole Jina had to say, my heart always said shout it from the roof tops baby girl so needless to say I don’t shut up (hehe) I am a downhome, southern lady who loves the finer things in life but I don’t care one bit to eat off of a paper plate and go barefoot in the summertime! I tell myself all the time my mommy and daddy raised me right! I can run on both sides of the tracks and that’s just how I like it!


The greatest Compliment you can give a photographer is to hire them

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