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29 August 2015
By Jina
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Years ago I prayed to God asking him for a job I would love.My heart was always into capturing photographs but I never considered it a career, it was a hobby but I still remember hearing the still quiet voice that almost felt like a passing thought that said “go for it”.I was 30 years old did I hear that right start a career from nothing but a hobby? I continued to pray about it and I researched small business and sure enough I had enough confidence to make this happen. My father in law told me "if you can’t find the dream job, create one"! so that’s when it happened. I didn’t have the right equipment nor did I have the money for the right equipment but I had the heart and I had grit and I knew I could do it. I prayed for guidance and I remembered God words “He wanted give me the desires of my heart” and as I prayed for that, I heard “start with what you have and I will bring you what you need”! So that’s exactly what I did. I used my Nikon point and shoot I had got for Christmas. I honed my craft and I figured out what I thought I needed to know. I actually had paying customers with that little point and shoot camera. I realize to some it may have not been much but it was something that was taking me to where I knew I wanted to go. Fast Forward 6 months I was able to go buy my first dslr camera the spring, it was so clunky and ambiguous to me that I didn’t know what to do with it. Little by little I began to learn the functions and controls and my photos began to transform before my eyes from dark and blurry to bright and clear. 


God started introducing me to people who inspired me to keep learning and creating! Before I knew it UnForgettable Photography (which later turned into Jina LaFary Photography) was born and once again I found myself having to learn how to manage and control a small business, which brought a whole new onset of skills to learn.I know I still have so much to learn and experience (and I think i’ll always feel that way) but there’s something beautifully fulfilling about the journey. 


I can’t help but smile when I think about how God knew I would find so much joy through the places photography has taken me and the people i’ve been able to meet through it.It’s allowed me to see life through a new perspective and gain a clearer focus into how God wants me to serve others! 





Known for capturing the unexpected details to tell each couple's unique love story; Also known as "The photographer who will go that extra mile to get the PERFECT shot"; Laid-back; Constantly snapping timeless photos; Displaying leadership and organization at each session; Flexible; Reliable second shooter (the hubs); Relaxed and personable approach resulting in stunning images; Verbally affirming clients; More than just eye-catching photos; Provides a meaningful and unparalleled experience.

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